Elaine LeeElaine Lee
New Product Development @eBay (ShopBot)

Human-first vs AI-first approach to building a smart and fast bot

I’ve designed two chatbot products in the last 1.5 years. The first was smart and slow. The second is not as smart but fast. Both intend to be smart and fast. I’ll get to the benefits, drawbacks, and design decisions for both.

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Andreas von der HeydtAndreas von der Heydt
Director Kindle @Amazon

What The Best Brands Will Do In 2017

Now is the time of the year when every marketer should well reflect on the achievements of 2016 and holistically examine what the New Year is going to mean for marketing, branding, and business.

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Henrik Söderqvist Henrik Söderqvist
Consultant Manager, Team Mobile @Capgemini

No UI in Mobile UX

What More to Expect in 2017

More and more companies find ways to use smart devices to automate routine tasks, making their staff more efficient. Introducing more and more mobile technology in their business also reduces cost. We will certainly see the same developments appearing more frequently in our homes, enabling remote operations and automation - both for safety and comfort. We will free up time, and get more time to spend away from all our screens.

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