Robert PowellRobert Powell
Ethics Committee Director @HCDSociety

The breaking of the UX industry

Or what to do when your UX has nothing to do with UI any more

My pure research colleagues are now in more demand than UX Designers. Why? Because they've proved their worth, because they bring insights that cut right through common sense and opinion to what is actually needed and more than that.

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Thomas RockmannThomas Rockmann
VP Connected Home @DeutscheTelekom /Co-CEO Smart Home Project

Smarthomes: Why open source is best - and Microsoft agrees (kind of)

As Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation, we learn why ‘open’ is often the best option, especially in the smart home market.

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Harald SchirmerHarald Schirmer
Manager Digital Transformation and Change @Continental

Leadership in the digital age - really?

A big part of the Digital Transformation is the role of our leaders. At conferences, magazines and the internet we can read every day, that leaders have to change. I have a slightly different perspective on that. It sees whenever something new comes up, we are talking about "change" as if there is a magic method to get from present to future state.

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