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7 Final Rules of User Experience Design

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Robert MattheesRobert Matthees
Founder @uxaesthetics + UX @m-pathy
  • 1. They won't read your manual. Design self-explanatory!

  • 2. Users look for signs on their journey. WIIFM at each point!

  • 3. Humans love different levels of complexity! Educate step by step.

  • 4. Solutions come at the end. Start with the user's problem in mind!

  • 5. It doesn't work! Make it easy to correct error.

  • 6. Be a child. You don't like boring stuff!

  • 7. Ask your mum for help! Do user testing.

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Robert Matthees

Founder @uxaesthetics + UX @m-pathy

Robert Matthees works @m-pathy, a German software boutique for Enterprise Live User Tracking Solutions, and is a Free Sales Trainer/Multichannel. He gained... more
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