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Improved Connectivity, Digitalisation, and Disruptive Strategies are driving a fast Stream of Products with completely new affordances - in all areas of our life. That's why we are aiming for a Holistic Approach to Human Life Aesthetics in our Global Research Feed: On uxaesthetics.com, we publish remarkable Insights, and Research Papers about UX + Customer-Centricity, cross-industry, and re-post outstanding Articles which we spot in our network, worldwide, on different platforms. Here, we bring them together, easily available - in one place.
Let's spread awareness about UX on a strategic level, and let's keep it up in our business. Because we are living in a world of products, it's about us to make it more fun. There is a Free Learning Section too. Great to have you here!

(Robert Matthees)

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Founder/Chief Editor: rm@uxin.io
Robert Matthees
Reisewitzer Str. 30
01159 Dresden, Germany

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Robert Matthees (Founder @uxaesthetics + UX @m-pathy) Tomasz Wierzbowski (Inbound Marketing Specialist @codec.pl) Elaine Lee (New Product Development @eBay  (ShopBot)) Tomer Sharon (Ex-Googler, VP/Head UX @WeWork) Jaime Levy (UX Strategist, Author, Professor, Public Speaker) Jo Szczepanska (Industrial and Social Designer @Australia) Henrik Söderqvist  (Consultant Manager, Team Mobile @Capgemini) Paul Fu (Sr. Director, User Experience @AlibabaGroup) Brett King (CEO @Moven  + Speaker, Bestselling Author, Radio Host) Robert Powell (Ethics Committee Director @HCDSociety) Harald Schirmer (Manager Digital Transformation and Change @Continental) Andreas von der Heydt (Director Kindle @Amazon) Thomas Rockmann (VP Connected Home @DeutscheTelekom /Co-CEO Smart Home Project) Steven Lee (Head of UX @Kaplan)
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